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At WELCs we value the quality of the service that we provide and ready to become your partner in offering professional vacation services in your local area


Why be a partner with WELCS?

Grow your business and become a professional in vacation rental service!

A partner is the face of WELCS in other cities. 

During our time working we have come up with the most efficient structure that has allowed us to bring the maximum profit to our owners. 

We are looking for motivated people from other towns that want to have autonomous earnings and advanced options for growth. 

By becoming our partner you are not risking structural costs or your investments: we are here to guide you and assist you through the process of becoming our partner.

Your objectives as our partner

Managing maintenance services at the properties

Making sure that everything is running smoothly and resolving issues effectively if they occur

Communication with clients

Our aim is to provide a high quality service, so you will have to make sure that your guests are always happy and resolve any inconveniences

Check-in and check-out 

You will be responsible for managing the guest check-in and check-out procedures 

Cleaning and laundry

You will have to make sure that cleaning services are carried-out properly and smoothly, and communicate with the cleaning teams directly

New properties in your zone

The more properties there is, the more you are winning! When you are expanding your clients network while being our partner, your profits from us are getting higher

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I become a partner? 

First fill in the contact form or get in touch with us via email. Then, we will send you a to special form to fill out, if you fit in our requirements, then we can discuss the partnership more thoroughly. 

Can I combine my job with being a partner? 

Yes, it is possible, as long as you have a flexible work schedule 

What are my responsibilities as a partner?

The responsibilities are, to carry out check in’s and out’s, organise cleanings, manage any appearing issues, making sure that the guests are satisfied and also looking for new property owners. 

Who manages guest communication?

We manage the the guest communication in our central office, then when guests are arriving, we will pass the information to you, for you to meet them. In any case, you will have an interactive calendar with all the scheduled arrivals and departures, so that you can better organise yourself and plan your cleaning schedule.

Can I become a partner in any city?

Yes, of course. 

How much will I be making? 

From each reservation, you will make 50% from the commission of our company. 

Does Welcs provide any optimisation softwares that I will be able to use?

We have our own software that is fully automated and very easy to use. Therefore, with the optimisation software, you will find it easy to plan ahead and optimise your time. 

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